Our amazing group of data scientists and media experts maximize out-of-home campaigns by layering audience insights with market research.

Step 1

Find your audience

Boohma data scientists start by figuring out exactly where your audiences live, work and play — well beyond basic demographics to truly reach your audience.

Old Audience Search
  • People who live around Chicago
Boohma Audience Search
  • Male, age 18-24
  • Chicago proper
  • Household income $55,000+
  • Loves fitness tracking, basketball, technology

Step 2

Discover their daily journey

We analyze massive amounts of data to paint an accurate picture of where your audience spends their time and where they’re most receptive.

  • Where they travel
  • Where they stop
  • Where they respond

Step 3

Build around specific locations

Craft strategies around the places that matter to your audience
to reach them — and only them — for better ROI.

  • Targeting baseball fans who are into fitness tracking?
    We can track down the sports bars where they’re a regular.
  • Looking for soccer moms who do yoga?
    We’ll find their favorite Starbucks for morning lattes.
  • Want to reach commuters with tech jobs?
    We know when and where they’re stuck in traffic.

Step 4

Bring it together — everywhere

Real strategy has finally come to OOH. Advanced machine learning pulls millions of data points together and cross-references them with your targeting to recommend media that will resonate with your audience.

Our data scientists take this and quickly apply to markets across the country — giving you scientific precision at a massive scale.

Step 5

Measure results that matter to you

Go beyond basic impressions. Within your integrated media campaign, our data scientists can measure the precise impact your out-of-home campaigns have on your customers — and your bottom line. Build campaign strategies, run campaigns, audit results, define, and repeat.

It’s an unprecedented level of precision.